Pond's: A-Z of 25


Pond’s: A-Z of 25

agency ········· Ogilvy Vietnam
Creative director / tien bac
Associate creative director / Jeremy Lim & Thao Nguyen
art director / phu vuong nguyen
copywriter / quynh nhu pham
Designer: Quoc Dung truong & phu vuong nguyen
account director / ‘jessie’ trang mai
Account executive / son truong
Producer / susan truong

production house ········· plan a

Like any other millennials across the world, Vietnamese young women often find themselves facing many quarter-life crises: career doubt, social anxieties, relationships insecurity, or financial situations, which strike many young people’s sense of self.

Frankly, there is no one quick solution to the malaise, so it’s important for millennials to accept their life for how it is now, even if it’s not where they want to be yet, and take one step at a time. Despite that they might be going through a  crisis , we believe that they don’t need to look the part through this tough time, with Pond’s Age Miracle products.